The Juice of thought podcast is a weekly show hosted Mohamad.H, Ammar and Jana. Together they discuss everything life-related and the struggle of university. If you want to hear what's on students’ minds, drop in every Friday at 8 P.M. (+3 GMT)

Mohamad is a Political Science Student and the founder of Juice of Thought. A dedicated social activist, Mohamad is intrigued by how humans and societies functions; He delves into the mysteries that lay behind the what, why, and how of our societies. Mohamad currently serves on the panel of young advisers at Chatham house.
Mohamad Hachem
Ammar is the co-founder of Juice of Thought and a student of Industrial design at Istanbul Technical University. His robot-like mind(s) showcase a fascination with understanding how things work or "How it ticks" as he says. His ability to speak computer shows up in the most awkward situations during a conversation.. (We couldn't find a single presentable photo of him)
Ammar Badawy
Jana is the co-founder of Juice of Thought and a student of Computer Engineering at Kadir Has University, who’s passionate about writing poetry and obsessed with watching anime. Her thirst for knowledge, creative mind, and positive energy is the reason why she gets caught up in her own world.
Jana Batiya